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The dark figure leaned into me and the voice began telling me what he was going to do to me. “First you’re gonna get on your knees and suck my thi...k cock and get it really hard, then you’re going to fuck my cock with those big luscious tits,” the voice said as I whimpered and tried to muster out a no but my voice was gone. “Then I’m going to bend you over and thrust my cock hard and deep into your pussy and fuck you until you cum,” the voice continued. I found my voice this time and some. ‘She will be restricted until she is opened of course.’ Imanja replied not phased at all by the implied threat. ‘And if I choose not to wait?’ Adrian shot back his eyes still roving the slaves curves. ‘Ooooh, do let me tell him I do enjoy making people see sense.’ Imanja smiled to Kalanthas.’Oh please do!’ Kalanthas tapped his swords and with what could be construed to be a grin under the facewrap let his eyes go cold and chuckled almost insanely.’ Then you get Joseki’s knife in your left eye. I had almost expected everyone to stop what they were doing, gawk and point at me, but that didn't happen. I did, however, want to at least find a seat and take a moment to calm my nerves. My dress suddenly felt so short and revealing. I swayed my hips to the bar, signaled the woman behind the bar for a sprite and glanced around searching for a bar seat, table, booth- anything so I wasn't looking like a wallflower.I happened to look down at the straw in my drink and saw lipstick traces. 'Oh. The kisses continued without pause and I was nearing another heavenly climax when he griped me by the throat, his powerful fingers depressing the skin and muscle, the clutch of the hand constricting my breathing while his lips muffled my voice.How he finished undressing me with one free hand I'll never know. But he managed it without tearing the dress. Of course, the only other things I had on were my bra and shoes.He released my throat and I swallowed as much air as I could before he wadded my.

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