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The scene was so hot, and we watched in amazement, as we had never seen anything quite like this before. We knew the place got wild, but didn't expect...a live sex show less than ten feet away from us. As we watched, my own pussy became moist and the feel of my husband's soft touch on my breasts made the voyeuristic experience even more enjoyable. The trio regained their composure and left to get a drink at the bar (or maybe to take care of the blonde, who appeared to be waiting patiently for her. I'll talk to Trout and poke around and see what's out there." "Excellent idea." Ryan nodded. "Let me know how I can help." "You sure your parents don’t mind you missing dinner with them?" Lara asked. "They won't be home." Ryan set the guitar down, stood and stretched. "JT's last game of the season is in North Carolina, and Dad decided he wanted to make it a big trip. I can't get the time, and I don’t want to go anyway. Evan's going with them. They wanted to do the traveling tomorrow. Even if I. ”I stood up and placed myself between her thighs. Her hands gripped the sides of my jockeys and she curled them off my hips making sure my rampant cock was not tangled in them. As my erection came into view she let out a gasp of surprise.“Sir, you are so big. I didn’t expect that.”“Well do you approve?”“I can’t wait to have you in me,” she said placing her hand under my testicles and softly caressing them.She dropped to her knees and looked up at me with her eyes shining. At my nod, her tongue. We met when she was 19 and I was 23 and ,like many romances, the flame starts to dim. We are both adventurous & mild exhibitionists, but we had been faithful to each other in our three year relationship..... then came Halloween 1987. Tanya worked in a well known Atlanta night club and they host an employee costume party every year. This year, we decided to go incognito and in complete disguise - she as a zebra vixen, complete with full body leotard with little slits cut in the breast section.

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