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The fiery red imprint of His hand flamed on her left arse cheek, sending waves of heat straight to Candy's pussy -- heat and pleasure.Five long minute... had passed since Sir had secured Candy in place, grunted his approval and then left the room. She wondered what he was doing. She wondered how long he would be. She wondered if tonight, finally, Sir really would use her as she longed to be used. Of course, Sir was always rough with her -- as she liked -- and he was firm -- as Candy needed. But. "But don't you understand, I WANT to do this. 'The Beast' is already out, I let it out the moment that lock clicked." Seeing the look of horror dawn on her face at this revelation set the thumping at my temples to full throttle, it was only then that she began to struggle. I think some of the initial shock was starting to wear off at that point. "STOP RESISTING SLUT!" I bellowed, putting as much authority behind it as I could muster. Kelly stopped immediately, a shadow of fear covering her. Are?" Donny asked, his eyes huge.Sally and Marilyn saw his cock beginning to lift as it swelled. A soft mewl came from Sally, her eyes burning with delight, fixed directly upon the head of his cock. Donny felt his prick growing and made no effort to conceal it. His own eyes were hot now and his balls tingled deliciously.In a whispery voice, Marilyn looked up at her son. "I think you're getting a hard-on, honey."A pale color of pink suffused his face, but he didn't turn from them. His cock was. The two powerful D'Jin were now able to produce children together. This was an eventuality that none at the council mentioned, but it was the sole reason for the decision by Shurea to meld. Calin and Shurea were friends and allies, now they would be lovers. It was a win-win situation for them both."Are there any other questions?" Allto asked in a tone of voice that told everyone present to stay quiet. "Good, the council is adjourned."The members quickly left and only Joe and Shalia remained..

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