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*************************************************************************Standing in the airport, I searched for signs directing me to baggage claim. ...hat’s where B would be picking me up. I took a deep breath, pulled up my thigh-high boots, and headed in that direction. As I approached security, I saw someone standing there, waiting. I saw him smile big and knew it was daddy. I ran to him. He immediately grabbed my face and pulled me in, kissing me hard. His hand traveled to my waist and. I laid her down softly andkissed my way down her body. The whole time she was moaningand squirming. When I got to her pussy I licked her pussylips and clitoral hood. I played and teased her. Her moansgot louder. I played more. This was the first time in 2 daysthat I had been in control of myself. Finally I began suckingon her rock hard clit. She groaned. I continued suckinguntil her hips started bucking up and down and she was screaming.Thank heaven my kids slept like the dead. Melissa had. .you're not getting anywhere like this." She got up on the bed on all fours, turned, and said, "Put your cock in my kitty from behind." We were both so wet from the heat and her juices, my penis slid right into her. I pushed it all the way in an the first thrust, and she stifled a low moan. I pumped her slowly for a time, and she pulled away, rolling onto her back on the bed. She lifted and spread her legs, and told me to get on top of her. Again, I slid completely into her and we thrusted. She could read a little disbelief on his face, wondering how a guy like Holmes could end up alone in the vault with someone as beautiful as Velvet."I'm going to close the door. Don't worry," Holmes said quickly. "Nothing's going to happen." Really?" she asked, her eyes sparkling. Velvet was getting into the spirit of this reporting game. She knew she had to keep the man uncomfortable, on edge, so that he would tell her things he didn't really intend to. If she didn't she might end up with a.

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