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" Ehe icherwidern konnte, das das f?rs erste Mal doch etwas sehr viel sei, drehteer sich schon um. Und ich, ich konnte nicht widerstehen."Stell dich a...s Fensterbrett. Halt dich daran fest" kommandierte ich, unddas machte er auch. Jean stellte sich an die Fensterbank als w?rde erverhaftet werden. Ich positionierte mich ganz dicht hinter ihn und meinGlied dr?ckte sich zwischen seine Pobacken. Mit einer Hand fasste ich umihn herum und fing an ihn zu masturbieren. Meine. "Katie looked down at herself, and had to admit that Hermione was rightabout her clothes being too big for her now, she was practically swimmingin them, and her shoes threatened to fall off with every step she took."Now..." Hermione said, taking her wand out and aiming at the new girl."Hold still." Hermione, closed her eyes, and concentrated before openingthem again, and waving her wand very precisely and saying, "VesteMutata."Katie felt a wash of heat followed by a strong breeze over her body. She was blowing his erect cock as she massaged the buttplug deep into her ass, stimulating her and only making her crave more cock. Rich, threw her onto her back and lapped up her juices, rubbing his face into her sopping cunt, licking between the lips, sucking her clit, tongue fucking and changing the rhythm and cycle of his licks. In a matter of a few minutes her body was violently shaking as she came into his mouth. Her hands were gripping his head, forcing him deep within her. He knelt. That was not enough for you, was it?" She was spitting venom. "You were even able to extract an alimony for yourself by showing that you were self employed and had to leave a career to follow me around the country as I advanced in your career." She said"You were not advancing in your career. You were following him and I was following you. I was the only one losing out on a life. Do you actually think the alimony was unfair?" I stated the facts as I knew them. "I could have left Annie with you..

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