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Then from upstairs we heard “Hannah, what’s taking so long? Get the drinks and let’s get back to work!” She looked up at me and said “We’l... have to finish this later . . . why don’t you walk me home later?”“Sure.” As she stood up she lifted her skirt to flash her panties and blew me a kiss. I watched her as she walked to the kitchen and she came back carrying 2 sodas and walked back upstairs.About 30 minutes later the girls came downstairs and Hannah said her goodbyes to my sister and said “can. Hours later at Wayne Manor."Master Bruce? Master Dick is here and would like to speak with you." Said Alfred as he walked into the guest room. At his side Dick Grayson followed him with his girlfriend Starfire.Slowly Bruce rose and smiled when he saw the two. Dick had made a life for himself and was happy in that life. That was a bright spot for Bruce, though of course he regretted that he would not follow in his footsteps."Dick, Koriand'r. What brings you to Gotham?" he smiled, looking at the. He is thrusting and grunting and pulling my head into his pelvis. As the spasms subside I very gently suck all the saliva, precum and cum off his dick, and flick the tip up and down with my tongue. I kiss him. He kisses me, then unbuttons my pants. I'm wearing red silk boxers, and he pulls down my pants. I am hard and there is a large wet spot surrounding the bulge created by my erection. He pulls down my boxers, showing my hard, uncircumcised cock, dripping, veiny and throbbing. I am so hard. He felt more and more at ease and allowed her to cuddle him close to herself. Fighting sleep, he succumbed in her arms, his head buried in her breasts as she gently fondled him.Again he awoke without knowing how long he slept. The curtains were drawn closed, but he believed it was day. His strength was definitely returning. He felt able to sit up. He tried to do so, but fell back immediately, but not from weakness; he realized was tied. Soft cuffs on his wrists and ankles were attached to the.

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