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"What did you do with DJ? Is he in the mother ship?" Funny," he said, letting his hand drop into his lap. "I try to be sensitive and understanding and...I get lip from you."She stared at him like he was insane, a feeling he was beginning to empathize with. He felt insane, sitting in her bedroom, staring at the trappings of her youth from the china dolls sitting on the shelf on her wall to the pom poms that were hanging crossed on her wall. Even her diploma, framed prettily, was hung on her wall. Naturally, the townspeople always enjoyed the drama of purchased flesh bidding. It was far more amusing than ork hunting and a hell of a lot less dangerous. Lord Tragor went to the town square like the others, more out of curiosity than anything else. The former soldier-adventurer had bought a sizable estate on the outskirts of Layut two months past. His party had pillaged the ancient richly laden tombs of Zorgon and his mind drifted back to the terrible battle with the guardian trolls and. She had actually invited her son and his pretty girl friend to fuck in her house, had actually given her blessing to their hot-fucking activities."Terry, I really enjoyed meeting your mother tonight," Wendy said warmly, curled up on Sheila's sofa with her head nestled against Terry's broad shoulder.The evening had gone very well for everyone, much more smoothly than earlier encounters between Wendy and Sheila. Sheila had been gracious this evening, exhibiting not a bit of the jealousy she had. ’ He kissed her deeply and then watched her leave the small cottage he’d rented for their time together. When she was safely enclosed, with a driver that her bodyguard had recommended, he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. ‘I’ve changed my mind. Savannah and the girls will be with me next week.’ ‘Yes, Sir,’ the voice on the other end of the line answered. The knowing click was all Mitch heard when he hung up. . . . . .Savannah closed her eyes and toyed with the rock Mitch had given.

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