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Friday came around. Barb, as promised, led us to Crystal’s. It wasn’t lockdown night, but maybe that would be Okay. Josh and I picked up Veronica ...nd Sonja in his car. Mine would have required a couple of people to make like hood ornaments. We parked next to Barb and Randy and all walked in together. Neither Paul nor Lucy was to be seen, but Lydia and Crystal were working the door together. I stepped in it, of course. “Hi, Crystal,” I said. “Who, mother-fucker?” asked Lydia. “I mean Clarissa.. ”“Never. Now release me please.” I pleaded, in pain now that she was twisting my cock.She released me and I sat down holding my cock.“ Now… you still want to fuck me?” she asked with her arms folded across her chest.I looked at her. She was smiling.I nodded.“You do have guts man. Even after this, you want to have sex with me. Do you want to do it now?”“Yes. Now”“Where?” she asked looking around.“Do you know of a place where we can do it peacefully?” I asked still recovering from the. My face lit up at the sound of his voice, hoping he had gotten my message yesterday after I suddenly thought of something to get rid of the dirty sex aftertaste.I asked, “Never mind. Did you bring it?”Kirk said, “What do you think is in here? School books?”Kirk unzipped the side of the bag and flashed the bottle of 200 proof grain alcohol.I pulled out my wallet and asked, “Cool. How much do I owe you?”“It’s on me. If it wasn’t for you getting your old friends to lend me the flicks, I’d be. We worked our way around the line of defense until the Comanches admitted defeat and rode off. We knew that they would be back to pick up their dead once we left.When the fight was over, the two of us walked up to Swift Horse and I struggled to say, "Rayo Flash es un poderoso guerrero. Quiero entregarle este revólver Colt." [Lightning Flash is a mighty warrior. I want to present him with this Colt revolver.]Swift Horse was obviously stunned! Lightening Flash was obviously stunned! This was a.

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