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But I also knew that since she hadn't been forthcoming during our talk in the kitchen she wouldn't say any more on the subject.I spent a day or two wo...dering about it and gradually I forgot about it. For about a week. And then I noticed a subtle change in Becky. It might have been there all along, but I was just noticing it. She dressed just a tad better for work. Not necessarily more sexy or more revealing, but just a little more upscale. She wore her high heels more often, spent a little time. I just took my suitcase to the room to get settled. I put my computer in the office and unpacked my suitcase. This 3was going to be home for a while. I could hear people arriving for the party – including several women’s voices. Maybe I could score tonight! While selecting clothes to wear for the evening I remembered Brett telling me that those who weren’t naked were in underwear. That certainly made my wardrobe choice easy. I just stripped to my briefs, figuring that I’d start off. She breathed a sigh of relief and began her walk home, pulling the elastic tying back her long red hair and letting it fall around her shoulders. She ran her fingers through her hair shaking it loose as she walked, then looped the elastic in a knot with the spare she had with her, putting them both in the pocket of her jeans. The streets were quiet and deserted and she looked up at the stars as she walked, humming to herself and glad to be out on such a beautiful night. Walking along the long. He tried to struggle, but without the used of his hands it was hopeless. Finally he had no choice but to open his mouth and stick out his tongue as ordered. Barb took the cum on the palm of her hand and rubbed it down the professor’s tongue, then told him to now put his tongue back in his mouth and savor the taste of his own cum. He almost choked for a few minutes but finally managed to swallow the fowl tasting slime. “There we go,” said barb as both girls were laughing again. “How did it.

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