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You don’t seem to think that they are beautiful in any way, I want to show you that you’re wrong. I want you to be proud of how good they look, I ...ant you to have the self confidence that will come with knowing that your ass and pussy are beautiful.” Kshitiz says.Tina looks at Kshitiz for a minute.“Okay, get your camera out.” Tina says.Kshitiz gets his digital camera out of his carry on bag and turns it on. He moves across the aisle to give Tina room to pose without being seen.“I’m ready when. I could cancel my trip and we could wait until you come to Sweden, or I could come and see you. I’m not sure what the best answer is, really.”“Could you still get a refund on your ticket? It’s less than three weeks away.”“No, I don’t think so. So I guess that kind of makes the decision for me. If you’ll still have me, I’ll come.”“Yes,” I said.“Write me a letter and tell me everything you’ve kept from me. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, or that you’re hiding things, but it sounds like a lot. I wouldn’t consider it but what you insist. It’s no place for a fine young Christian girl like yourself.”“Alice,” laughed Rebecca, “you can’t be serious!”“I’m very serious. I would not consider teaching you the craft if it were not that you asked, and then only because I think it may stand between you and danger.”Rebecca remembered words that continued to haunt her dreams. The best guides in the world cannot always get you safely through the gates of hell. She could certainly not be guided. It was the best feeling ever. I didnt want him to stop. I took my free hand and held his hair and pressed his head against my boobs, urging me to suck harder. He got my signal and sucked them hard. He bit my nipples and rolled them between his teeth which sent waves of pleasure across my body. In no time, my pussy was flowing like a river and Ravi started rubbing it while sucking my boobs.He rubbed my pussy lips first and then slid his finger between them, rubbing them hard. He found my hole.

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