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We are so squashed together I can’t even look down to see the hand. What can I do? The hand continues to massage my ever hardening cock until it is ...igid and trying to burst out of my trousers. Relief as we pull into a station, but only a couple of people get out and half a dozen more get in, so we are crushed closer together.As the train starts to move again I feel the hand find my zipper and pull it down. I am sweating now, not just with the heat, but with the excitement and the risk. The. ’ ‘I don’t know. He still is a guy.’ ‘Yeah but a cute one at that with a lovely bubble butt, I bet when you see him naked on all fours, you’ll change your mind and give it a shot. He’ll be home next week.’ ‘I know and that’s going to make it difficult to see Clara.’ ‘Not to worry, we’ll fuck both of them. I’ll set it up. I bet I can convince Freddie to fuck his stepmom in the ass too. Wouldn’t that be something and then Clara could enjoy three cocks at the same time.’ Clara eventually got up,. I took that as my que and lined up the tip of my cock to her now slightly gapping anal ring. Once the tip of my cock was properly positioned just inside of her opening, her pretty anal ring circling the spongy, mushroom head of my cock, I placed my hands on the small of her back."Since you're now my whore" I instructed, "Do what whore's do so well and lean back and take my cock up your ass."She didn't move, so I reached under her torso, found both of her nipples between my thumb and index. As Darius extended his left hand to touch the man’s cock, his hand was gently brushed away. As he looked into the guy’s face questioningly, the man lifted his right hand and with his palm facing upward, commenced rubbing his thumb over the tips of his middle and index fingers, in the universal gesture indicating that a payment would be required.An instant jolt of annoyance flashed through Darius’ mind. He had never paid for sex before and felt aggrieved that this ordinary old man had the.

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