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It was on a trailer, to make it possible for just Dad and I to achieve.When we got back to the house, Mom was waiting with big mugs of hot chocolate, ...hat helped warm us back up in no time.Everyone exchanging gifts after breakfast, everyone was very taken with my gifts, and the thought that had gone into them. I was a problem child when it comes to presents, what do you buy someone, who has the money to be able to buy whatever they like, within reason.So everyone had gone the practical route,. The expensive furniture, the Limoges china, silk embroidered cushions and velvet curtains. Elegance and taste, the rewards of success and talent, the accumulation of years of hard won acclaim, and yet not enough. Not all of this can buy another minute on stage. Tonight is the last show. Slowly, a little unsteadily, she moves around the room, stroking a chair here, an ornament there, drinking steadily from the glass, the gold liquid warming her old body, flushing her cheeks under the make up,. Slowly, gradually the tiny form in the vast hostile cosmos, yet self contained and protected, drifted closer and closer to the mystery contained within the long abandoned station circling an empty distant planet, nothing of worth to mankind for astronomical distances and long lonely days and nights and weeks and months in any direction, except for the knowledge and curiosity to be found on this vast derelict, hanging in pregnant expectation for the fertilizing germ of a human awareness to give. I'd got a goal in life at last, that goal was upstairs in the bath right now! She seemed to take an age to call me, but when finally she did, I walked upstairs and saw without doubt the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen before, "Katie!" I tried to say more but there was a lump in my throat, "Do I look all right Dave?" Her hair was done up on top of her head, a mini tiara holding it in place, she'd used just a minimum of make up, a little eye liner and a small amount of rouge on her cheeks.

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