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And she says she will make be look like Doris Day if I am a goodSissy and follow her instructions. That is why I am here. I have a listof items I to help with my journey to sissydom and femininity.Can you please help me be a good Sissy?" Well, my land, you have a very great Mistress if she can do a wet setlike that! You are one lucky Sissy! Imagine having a Mistress who cangive you any hair style she wants you to have. You just might spend therest of your sissy life in well ordered. OMG, this was another say Mr. C which I could easily find out by touch and his beard touching my boobs. What should I do? I should not have asked for a third time. I thought of pushing him and asking him to stop. He laid me face down and came on my back. With his hands, he widened my thighs and pushed his demon size penis slowly.I raised my hips to allow easy entry and it was not a problem due to the highly lubricated vagina. He held my boobs from back and started making love slowly and. Cindy, another party-goer, decided she’d stay with her and have more fun.Several guys saw they were still in the booth, so joined them, buying loads of champagne, adding some ‘extras’ that the girls weren’t aware of!Cindy somehow disappeared, leaving Tracey with four guys, with who she drank, danced, and was groped by, all in good fun.“I muss go hooome,” she mumbled eventually, and made for the exit and the last Night bus.Despite the warnings of the guys she was with, she went ahead anyway.The. Aaj saam ki meri trin 8 :pm ki trin hai tum aapni aunty ke sath mujhe drop karne cholgye ,maine kha thik hai uncle. Fir saam ko mai aur aunty unkle aur unka son railway station unckle ko chodne meri car mai gaye. Unckle ki train late thi humhe vahi 9:30 ho gaye fir hun about 10:30 ghar vapas aa gaye. Vapas aakar aunty aur mai normal batain karne lage humhe 11 baj gaye fir maine aunty se kha ki mai sone jata hu aunty ne kha ki tum yahi so jao. Mai tabi ha kar di mai aunty ke sath unke bad par.

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