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She looked like a wholesome, attractive young lady whom you might see modeling sportswear in a department store advertising insert in the Sunday paper... He complexion was flawless. Her blonde hair shimmered. Her figure was not in any way voluptuous, but would turn the head of any man alive. "Ms. Telson?" I asked, noticing for the first time her bright green eyes."Yes. Are you Dr. Gray?" she asked in a voice that could have come from a twelve year old schoolgirl. In fact, she looked like she. ”“Well, they are all in first names. ‘Do you John, take Mary... ‘ Well, courtship, the act of courting leading up to marriage, is done by first names, as well.” Not that she had ever been in an actual courtship.“Yes, Marjorie.”“And I probably shouldn’t be your teacher, either. I have really enjoyed having you in class. But you don’t court your teacher. We can be one thing, or we can be the other; we can’t be both.” Damn! When was the school going to teach the word, ‘incompatible’?“I’ll miss. " Are you trying to back out on me now?" Tommy said, surprising himself with the masculine forcefulness in his tone."I wouldn't do that in a million years, lover," she replied, playfully digging her fingers into his ribs. "But I think I ought to go up to the apartment first, and after a few minutes you come up as quickly and quietly as you can. Don't use the elevator. Somebody might hear it stop and look to see who's coming onto the floor."Feeling a sense of relief that she wasn't canceling him. "Ask me then, beg me to play with you." "Please play with my clit. I beg you, play with me!" I can hear the desperation in your voice. "Ok, since you asked nicely." You feel my finger gently working your clit, rubbing between your lips and occasionally pushing inside you. Your juices are starting to flow and you can feel the intensity of your orgasm starting to build. Smack! Smack! "Not just yet!" I whisper in your ear. You feel me moving off the bed. You hear movement in the room but you.

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