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I am going to have some surprises for you and I hope you are going to have some for me, don’t forget Mike is going away for a month and we will have...some time to explore”. I wanted another drink so I got up and asked her “does my fucking little slut like another drink”. She replied “yes” then I went and mixed the drinks and when I came back Janice was playing with herself. I put the drinks down and she asked if I like watching her play with her tits and cunt. I told her very much so and that. " one of the newcomers yelled hoarsely.Greg didn't consider the consequences of his actions as he grabbed the poker up off the porch deck and threw it at one of the new intruders. The poker handle hit the hand that held the shotgun waist high. The weapon slipped from damaged fingers."Stupid move!" Vikki yelled. "He could have shot someone!"The other armed intruder pointed his weapon toward Greg. Before he could do anything else, Vikki exploded into a blur of action and covered the short. So what's the occasion?" he asked as we sat down to the table. I poured some red wine I had found into the glasses before answering his question.I raised my glass in silent salute. "To your new home. May it be everything you wish for." He clinked his glass against mine and took a sip of the wine. He nodded appreciatively at the choice in wine."You still haven't told me though, what this is about. Are you trying to blow me off nicely?" I'm not trying to blow you off. Dinner is ready, I'll go get. Kalena and I both stared at each other for a moment, and I wondered what it was that just jolted us ... besides that carpet generated static charge.My similar aged, time-traveling daughter softly mumbled, “Dniester River,” and then she quickly turned her head away from me.I probably would have made a good ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ after Kalena, my daughter identified the site of her magical conception. I finally let out a long sigh after I saw Kalena snuggle up as tight as she could to her.

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