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She was free!!Qulel relaxed his hands and lowered the sword to his side."My obligation to you is now closed. I have fulfilled all the requirements lai... upon me. Tell your master he is not to contact me again. If I ever hear from any of you again, you will all die," the woman repeated as quietly and as calmly as before.Qulel bowed slightly to her. The woman turned and walked back down the alley, not even bothering to look behind her.The boy watched as the woman walked down the alley. He still. The suit must have automatically sealed itself and that was why he was still able to open his eyes. Would the suit hold long enough for help to arrive?His next thought was about Martha, “Suit can you connect me to Martha Masters?”“Martha Masters is trying to call you, Sir. I will connect.”He heard the voice of his wife, “Thank heaven the Auto Doc was able to stabilize you.” Her voice, for the first time in years, reflected real emotions and he knew she still cared for him, on a level other than. But for all that, I can't shake the awareness of all those malesstaring at me, evaluating me, and I can't decide whether it isbecause they see me as the only non-pregnant female in the room,or because my cover is blown. Mistress, naturally, given hernormal disposition and her current mood, is no help at all. Shejust gives me a smirk, or an evil grin, pats me on the ass,pinches my cheeks, and then tells me to ignore them. Yeah,right, uh huh, sure, Mistress.How did I come to be in this mess in. He knew I was new to crossdressing. The agreement was I would follow his instructions and never question him. He told me what to wear before his arrival. Black wig, black & pink high heels, black tube dress that tightly covers my butt and black thigh-high nylons. I was to be fully shaven, not a speck of hair, full make-up, and red nails. He said he picked me because he likes chubby gurls, skinny gurls were not his type. He liked the way we squealed. Before Ken arrived I checked myself in the.

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