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"What do I get out of it?" Well, like I said, things can't go back to the way that they were," I told her. "I like your family, and neither your mothe... nor Karen was happy with you running roughshod on them. On the other hand, things don't have to be like they are now, either." How do you mean?" she asked, leaning in towards me."Well, you are a fairly strong willed person."She nodded."And I'm sure that you know very well that your mother is easily manipulated," I said.Again, she nodded."Well,. You all do. And I can't get another job," she cried. "I got fired and who needs to employ someone who did that. I don't know what came over me." Half the town," I joked, but the tears streaming down her face told me that it was an unappreciated quip. "Sorry!" She gulped and I touched her hand. "That's why I wanted to find you," I added. "I want to offer you a job. Working for me."She dropped her spoon in her coffee and wiped the wetness from her eyes with the ball of her palm, and shaking her. "Liam, I need to talk to your Uncle Bryan for a minute. Can you go see if there is a futbol game on the television for us to all watch in a bit?" Liam, now that he was enslaved to his step-mother obeyed without hesitation and scampered out of the room. Moments later, Lena was in the arms of her brother, promising to him everything he ever wanted from her, but first, she needed something from him. When she revealed her wicked desire, he quickly agreed, picked up his jacket and the keys to Lena's. I didn’t have slept with her yet because weren’t that close.The other girls were, a 17 year old (who had a body of 30) and the last one was the most beautiful and hot among the rest. All the guys in the block wanted to go out with her, but unless you had a BMW you would never touch her.Everybody was kinda ready to go home, when my fried told me that he had recorded the tapes (porn) already, if I want them back I could go and get them. The whore girl asked him, “which kind of movie is that?”.

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