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'Wow, this chick is something else. Maybe my daughter is just me, but 22 years younger and with curly hair. And my son is jacking off again, well, we giving him a good show.'After a ten-minute make-out session, she pushed my lips off hers. "I'll do anything for my family too, but you already knew that." I did, and now I'm going to do something for you, angel," I mentioned before I calmly climbed back down to her twat.I peeked at it for a few seconds, but then I just stuck my tongue out and. Before we left the restaurant she handed me a thumb drive with her novel on it.“This is just a near final draft,” she warned, “as it still needs some editing.”I told her I understood, and we agreed to meet again the next day.I found a nice bed and breakfast not far from campus. Once I was settled in, I loaded Tamika’s novel onto my laptop and started reading. The novel was one of those that once you started reading, you couldn’t put it down. It was probably the best thing I’d ever read. I told. ”After the call concluded, John was concerned. “How the hell could a woman on another planet know so much about what was going on here in England?”Elizabeth pointed out, “She said she had Special Forces contacts, so that is why she knew so much about you.”“Yes, but how come she knew your original first name? She must have had access to police records to find that.” He hesitated as he pondered, then brightened and concluded, “The Personalia. That’s where her data is coming from. They must mine. A dark horse & rider clomps up next to me, I look up at the rider, he is partially hidden under his dark leather hood, he has a black bow strung across his back, at his hip is slender sword with a distinctive black pearl ornately bound into the hilt… Yaegar, I think to myself, “glad your back old friend” I say to him.. He says nothing, he rarely does, I ignore his silence & continue “take whomever you need to help, go into the surrounding wood land, map out any locations for food traps, wood.

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