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I have to be honest and say that while I was a good father and provider, I was not a good husband. I routinely slept with other women.This next revela...ion gives a bit more color as to why I’m here. In ’95, I took a vacation with a couple of my homeboys to L.A. It was a blast. Of course, we were drinking and d**gging and bedding beautiful women. One of the women I met turned out to be transsexual. I had no idea at first. But, I went ahead with it because it was late, I was high, and I was. It was quite a treat for me and I could tell William was liking it too. "Wow, mom," he finally spoke. "That feels really good," he added. "You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that." Oh, sweetheart, I want you to cum," I told him. "Yes, cum for me."I began to stroke his cock faster now. I knew he was close. "Oh, mom, I'm gonna cum," he cried.And cum he did! The first spurt of his jism landed on my cheek. His cum continued to spurt into the air. Some in my hair, some on his thigh. Then. She needed to be strong, as in a few hours when her daughter woke up a mother's love would be required for comfort. With that, Michael took Colleen and headed for home and dinner. When they sat down Flanna ask where Meghan was, when Colleen told her Meghan was in surgery on a four year old girl the whole table asked for the full story.Maureen, Colleen and Michael were in their private suite relaxing and talking about their first day in Ulaid, when Meghan came in looking tired but happy. The. Not, at least, until Mason was on his second five.Then, like Barbara, the girl really began to yell. And beg for mercy too. What a hope! Mercy on Bianca’s Island?Fifteen throbbing weals over her young flesh, and Kate was led back to the wall to be re-shackled. She joined Barbara in her weeping. Would the two of them be scrubbing tomorrow, I wondered? If so, they would be scrubbing most vigorously.No doubt of that at all. Muscles might be aching beyond all endurance, but then they would remember.

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