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Arshiya had fucked her boyfriend twice, but that too by lifting her skirt up and keeping the lights off. So this was her first time to be completely n...de in front of someone and, that too, a male.The doctor sensed she was totally embarrassed and couldn’t speak or move. He loved all this, and this is how he wanted it to be.Doctor: Arshiya, you can wear your panty till the nurse gets you a gown.She was a little relieved, but again she was thinking about how she could wear it in front of the. Joe followed Robin to Donna’s bedroom. Walking in, Joe noticed on the bed several floggers and a cane. In the center of the room was a rope hanging down from the ceiling, with a spreader bar on the floor under the rope. ‘Master, Mom has asked me to tell you that she is ready to be flogged in any way you see fit, she has also agreed to be naked at all times if you wish,’ Robin explained. ‘She has also asked that whatever you do her, that I must be whipped also.’ Joe glanced over to Donna, she. And even when she didn't want to she was slowly responding as their fingers slipped inside her slippery hole from time to time making her wriggle as the men slowly started entangling their body around her poking her with their erections through their shorts.She closed her eyes in ecstasy. And before she knew it the men had dispensed of their shorts letting their well endowed tools hang in mid air threateningly. She only came to her senses when she was picked up and her nightie slipped off from. Vendaa kuttettaaa( plz dont …) I cant …. plzzzz” …I pressed her other boob and starter to suck wildly on other. She is getting very wild…I sucked it for some time and iI went down and unbuttoned balance button and i kept my lips over her belly button and started to roll my tongue inside. And sucked her..and licked her lover stomach and i felt she was in heaven because she is pressing my head to her.Me ” akku may i ask you some thing”Akku ” plz dont ask .. Do what ever you want. I am yours plzzz.

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