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Tuva and Ulrika waved her hands and gestured to the others to empty their champagne flute glass and follow them in a line up walk.My bladder did not long and I was about to lose it anyway. First a dribble that wet the front of my lace boxers and the pouch but then suddenly a powerful stream that shot up with a nice arc out into the audience never reaching the ground. Ulrika walked up front and held her glass up and caught my juice perfectly and when her glass was about half filled up she. “I’m sorry, Angel, but I was getting hungry, and I was sure you’d be awake by the time the food got here, but you weren’t ... and I know how you hate cold breakfasts.”“Oh, no problem sir, but just to warn you, I see a snowball in your future, when ... and where ... you’ll least expect it.”“Fair enough. Now dig in.”As they enjoyed their repast, Tony said, “I’m thinking that tomorrow we’ll go check out Pagosa Springs, see what there is to do, and how does a sleigh ride sound for the day after?. I knew she wasn't being truthful, but I didn't want to push her. It was a slow Friday, and by midnight there was only a few patrons left. Jessica came over to where I was sitting and we struck up some small talk. She thanked me for my earlier concern, and then told me she dumped her muscle head boyfriend because he told her she was getting too fat and needed to go on a diet. Jessica was NOT fat...maybe slightly chubby to some people, but she was a goddess to me. I told her so. She blushed. The reality that I haven’t had sex in close to two years starts to set in. "Fuck me." I say. "What?" he turns and looks at me with confusion."Fuck me!" I slur, "You came here to fuck me, so fuck me." I don't feel like I'm in control of what I'm saying. At the same time I'm sitting here telling this rapist to come back and fuck me. I'm trying to will myself, crying out, wanting, begging myself to fight and make him leave. None of those words make it through, just the words telling him to come.

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