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The metal detector crew was inside, along with the university people. They were all drinking a beer, and as soon as I came in, Millie handed one to me... Mom announced to everyone, "Michael needs to show you folks what he got yesterday, but before that, I want you to see what we found for him, or maybe for you folks from the university."Mom went to her room and came back with a very long coat box. She set the box on the big table, opened it, and then folded some tissue paper back.There was a hat. I raise my head and brush the hair away from your face to take as much of you in as I can with my eyes. You’re beautiful, the bloom upon your cheeks, and the tempting part between your soft lips. You’re glowing, do you realize that? Not just from the amber rays of sun filtering into the room; it’s your longing that’s radiant. Do your eyes see that as well in me? The longing? The urgency? Can you feel it along the breach of your tingling line? Our patience is dying with every second that. “And this,” said the man, producing the tracker she’d put in there.“A tracker too. They underestimated you,” the woman studied her, “and I can understand why. But don’t count on any more of that. Give me your hands.”Grace put her hands out and the man deftly wrapped a zip tie round her wrists and pulled it tight. Grace just had time to lever her wrists apart slightly, so that when he’d finished it wasn’t cutting off the circulation.“Not too tight,” she said anxiously as he started on Mo.“Shut. My inhibitions were gone. "I love it..." I answered. She slid inside my panties and took over fingering me. My labia were saturated with slippery lube. She immediately began rubbing my clit with warm, sticky strokes. "Oh god..." My eyes closed as I lifted my thigh up to open my crotch up to her. Her finger plunged inside me, pulling at my g spot frantically. Without thinking, I grabbed at her jeans, undoing them. She helped me with her free hand, yanking them down until I felt the pulsing,.

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