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She likes to lick my cock. This evening I promised her that I will take her to this bussiness dinner, and I want her to get dressed with elegant style...and somehow like an elegant slut. I told her that she will have to do what ever I say. While we were waiting to go to the main restaurant to have dinner and start with the programme, I notice this lovely lady in age off 40 years. She was the main coordinator for this bussiness event. Damn she looked very attractive. There was something on her I. This time our favorite triangle has expanded to Karol. Immediately caught in his eye Julka and Daria. He even said "Such pussy I never saw". Well, because Julka and Daria are really nice, attractive girls. Actually, it was the first time he liked Julka, who always liked really strong, intense sex. This time Karol met Patrick. At one point they had agreed on a sharp kiss with the girls. And if these guys say "sharp cut," they mean really decent, sophisticated and sharp sex. Already at the sight. She lets out a little sigh of approval. He inches up her thigh, each time searching her face for an inclination that it is appreciated, every time getting the same nod. Soon he reaches the hem of her skirt and slips his hand under and moves upward. When he comes to her panty line, he looks once again into her eyes, this time seeing the hunger growing there he needs no more approval. He slips his fingers inside the thong and finds her awaiting slit, moist with the dew from her passion. She moans. I am an employee working for a private firm in Hyderabad and she is my neighbor. I visit their home often whenever I get time to have some time pass. Uncle does canvassing on different products. Prathiba and I usually hang out on weekends to purchase goods and I often buy for them as she usually doesn’t have sufficient money to buy them. Their kids study at her parent’s place.She insists on not giving money but I used to tell her that she could return whenever she had money. Cutting down the.

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