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"And I know I showed interest in boys. Jen's brother certainly wasn't a half bad hunk", Kacey says.Jen's brother, Michael, is now my sister Amy's boyf...iend. "That's true. I was happy to take in that wiener a couple of times", I tell her."But you know prom is coming up", she says."Of course." And I was wondering ... oh, I don't know if I have the nerve", she says nervously."What is it, Kacey? Tell me! I'm your best friend", I beg her."If you would be my date to the prom?" Oh, Kacey ... do you. So i took the last horse back to the day yard and came back to see the vet but to little did i no that the vet had to get pick up and go down the road for a little while, so i came back and his assitante was just standing the waitin gfor him so we started talking and laughing, and then my dreams came true when she just said would you like to fuck me, and i said hell yes, and then she said you have been making me wet all afternoon by rubbing that cock of yours into my ass to now i want to taste. "I'm surprised you haven't both got glamorous girls with you," grinned Emma."Just as well," riposted Simon, "or we'd have jettisoned them when we met Joanna."Everyone laughed and Joanna blushed slightly."Actually," said Ralph, "we both want to do some pretty serious walking and I think that if we had brought any girls they would have become a bit fed up with us." Have you got a detailed plan then?" asked Jerry."Yes, subject to the weather of course. We're going to kick off with Bow Fell. You’re beautiful of course, but I find a clever mind to be the most attractive thing. But despite everything, despite why you would allow my touch, I would have resisted moving on past that touch. I suspected what happened to you, and when you told me, I knew I would be extremely cautious. It would take time, if it ever happened, that you would accept me so intimately.”Her reaction, the most subtle of giggles, surprises Nick. If any more demonstrative, it would have surprised everyone in the.

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