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Thus we discussed few more things happening in her life about her mom’s affair with her friend. Then she said lets drink some beers and chill, I had...keys f my friends place, he as gone to his hometown for Diwali, so I suggested her we can chill there as no one will disturb us at its bit risky at drinking at cater road nowadays, she readily agreed for that, we picked up some beers and headed towards my friends place which in a 1bhk in khar, we reached there in 10 minutes, we settled our self’s I. Terrace par unke kapde sookh rahe the…Unka salwar unka laal dupatta unki black colour ki padded bra ar unki black penty ….Unke kapdr dekh kar mere underwear m pani aa gaya…Mene chupke se unki bra utha li.Ar apne kamre mai jakar mene unki bra soongh kar marturbate karne laga…Kuch der baad mere sperm nikal gaya..Mai vapis wahan gaya aur unki bra vapis wahin tang di…Mai roz unke bare mai sochne laga jab bhi wo kapde daalne upar aati thi mai unhe chupke se dekha karta tha…Mai unhe apne mann hi. They would play baseball some days from sun up to sun set. They would ride bikes out into the woods and put targets on trees and practice shooting. They had built tree houses in the woods where they would go to smoke and jerk off.His cousin Henry Hamilton was the best shot of all of them. Henry was fourteen and talked about fucking girls. Jamie could never be sure if Henry had done it or was just a big talker but Jamie was embarrassed to ask too many questions as he was bereft of any experience. My three young children were sitting side-by-side on the sofa and I recalled my thinking they were like three little birds on a branch. Here they were again, years later, all three on the sofa and although they were much bigger "birds" I smiled at the image.They weren't surprised to see Rose and it finally dawned on me that Margaret had phoned Debbie to let her know we were on the way.I looked at my children and felt an enormous sense of pride. For all the bad things and upset that they had.

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