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A sport club in our county capital held the travel lottery and she had bought her ticket while she was shopping there. An old friend of mine who was a...board member of the club rang me and asked me if I knew the woman from our town that had won the Mauritius trip. I got a pleasant surprise when he told her name because my girlfriend was the only one with that unusual name in our town. I thought her silence was because she wanted to give me the good news as a birthday gift. But guess how wrong I. He had accepted a long time ago that his son was a violent man. It had been his hope that Jerry would change when he grew older, but after seeing Henry, he had a very good idea of what his son was doing for a living. All he knew was that it would scare the hell out of him if both of those guys were to show up at his house late at night.“Yeah, we have a little business together,” said Jerry.As far as Carl was concerned, that clinched it. There was no doubt in his mind that they were in the. ”“Are you sure you girls have never been naked with a boy? You seem to know a lot about sex, and boys cocks, and dicks.”“Mom has always talked to us like her best friend, and she encourages us to talk to her about anything, and everything we have questions about.”“I suppose you’ll go home and tell her about our conversation?”“NO WAY! This is between us, Josey. Mom will drill us about you, and Dad will ask what we think of you, after we’ve finally met you. But the rest of this is between the. She comes, scooting backwards to spoon herself against my right side. I put the drink down and encircle her from behind with my arms, one below and one directly on her breasts. The absence of her underclothes is obvious. The action causes her blouse to pull slightly, baring her left shoulder, just inches from my face. I lean down, my mouth touching the silky skin that has presented itself to me. I make little footprints with my lips, across her shoulder to her neck. Slowly, I creep up her neck.

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