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"Well my dear, you no longer smell of flowers. Sweaty man, and sex, definitely sex." Hm." He said.Which of course set me to laughing again."Wha?" He a...ked, eyes closed."You sound like a cave man." I petted him, smoothing back his hair."It's God's little joke on us all. Men wanna sleep after sex, and Woman wanna cuddle and talk." But there was a smile on his face when he said it.I laughed harder."You're gonna make me sea sick." Kevin said laughing himself now and finally pushed off of me to sit. "Let me seeyour Debbie."Kinny smiled. He stepped into his pams and said, "Hi, I'm Debbie. Whatcan I get for you?"She chuckled. "Knock 'em in, Bo." Thanks." Nervous?" Yeah." Want a ride?" I have my bike." Okay. Let me know how you love it." What if I don't get hired?" Pfft. They could use robots for that job. They did use robots. Butsales are better with cute girls in booty shorts." Warm body, huh?"Joi nodded. "The tips, though. Not bad." She opened her medicinecabinet, pulled out a tube of. I contemplate going over to say hi but I am not the sort to impose and decide not to as the chances of her remembering someone she taught over 15 years ago was pretty slim although she was very nice to me and probably my favorite teacher (if it possible to have one of those). I cannot help myself and keep glancing over and then I realize she is conscious of my attention so decide this is a bit awkward and I really should go over. By this time, I have told the group I am with and they all say go. Come on.”At Navigation there was a lot of excitement. The Chief apologized, “Alexa, our excitement is not directed to your leaving. We are saddened by that. But our excitement is that we may be able to provide you with a beautiful choice since you have to leave. Come, let me explain.” He took Otton and me to a table with planet and systems lighted upon it. He moved his hand over it and the graphics moved. It was like a giant touch screen. When he got the spot he wanted, “We just entered this.

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