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“Oh fuck, you are making me come, fuck, fuck!”And then it happened. A shower of pussy juice exploded out of her. I moved back but still got a good...amount on my face and down my shirt. I stared in disbelief as a few more squirts came out of her before she finally pulled down the dress.“Surprised?” she asked and smiled as she got up.“Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve never seen a woman squirt.”“Shh, don’t tell anyone, I don’t always do it, only when I’m really horny.”We left the bathroom and when we were. As the water splashed on his body, he started to look himself over, he was pleased with what he had. His cock was about 5.5 inches, a good size he said to himself. Shower time was his time, it was the time to explore his hot body. As his hand went down to his hard penis he listened to make sure it was safe. The last thing he needed was someone walking in on him. With the coast clear Jeffs hand started this joyful time by lightly touching his lovely cock head, as he did this he closed his eyes,. . haccccckkkkk..." Cheese continues..."OUTSIDE WITH IT! Take this other one with you!! Cheese?!? How could you?!?!" Jo has her turn to question..."OKOKOK ... gimme somethin to spit this in. Gawd, I'm gonna be sick!" Cheese gags..."NOT IN HERE!!! OUT! OUT! OUT! GET OUT!" Jo explodes...Spit..."eww! it's got eyes!" Cheese expectorates..."Hahahahhhaaaa, Cheese, you're so damn funny ... Disgusting! But funny!" Jo laughs..."No! Jo, look ... see ... eyes!" Cheese points..."Oh my goddess! it Does have. After looking me sam gave me makeup kit and said to apply makeup. After finishing when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe that person in the mirror was me. I looked damn sexy and hot just like girl in porn.When I came out sam asked Rahul about what are my qualifications then Rahul pulled me towards him and started kissing me wildly for which I also started responding after few seconds. Rahul pushed me on the bed and was madly kissing me. Sam was busy in watching our act. After few.

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