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I love giving oral just as much as receiving it. To me, it is the greatest and truest expression of love and pleasure that you can give your been cursed with a wife who says,"I don't do that. I'm not that kind of a girl. I don't like the way it taste. It makes me choke." This has left me with a little resentment but then, because of my wife's refusals, I would never have known or fallen in love with those two girls who were so good at fellatio.Now don't get me wrong, over all of. This 29 year old mother of two was fucking me in the back seat of her Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the thought of this drove me wild. This coupled with the fact that M.’s relatively wide opening was the perfect size for the width of my penis, and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I probably should have tried to switch positions so that I could maintain greater control/stamina, but I just loved being fucked by this woman, I didn’t want to miss out on a single plunge of her pussy. Well, the good. .. but with no gf and the idea of trying to suck became omnipresent in my thoughtsi had to ask and after a brief explanation i learned he could see but not that much and only 10 min at a time before it hurtI help him with chores and by 7pm when i usually go back home he told me he wanted to order pizza for me, since i was helping him so muchI stayed, had beers and eat pizza. the more i stayed and talk with him , the bigger he became in his pants it seemed''you smoke weed? since its legal i. I started moving my tongue over her neck to tempt her and she removed my shirt till then. She was scratching my back with her nails and I kept on tempting her by kissing her neck. She was getting wetter and wetter by the moment. I unhooked her bra and her boobs sprang out of her bra. I just saw such a perfect pair of huge boobs.I started licking her boobs around the nipple. She was getting fucking horny and was yelling at me that “fucking bite my nipples please aaaahhhhhh isssssssssss.

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