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Mai samjhana chaha par wo samaj nahi pa rahi thi. Mujhpar sexchada tha to mai gusse mai aa kar mobile nikala aur sara video dekha dia. Wovideo dekh ka... dang rah gai aur rone lagi. Mujhse kaha ki “Raj mai tumse yeummid kabhi nahi kiya tha.Maine kaha “tu mera baat maanvarna mai ye video net par upload kar dunga. Fir mujhse mat kehna kuch bolanahi. Wo sochne lagi, par use kuch samaj mai nahi aa raha tha. Har kar meri batmanna hi pada. Mai mobile set kar dia aur use bed par leta dia. Pehle 10. Then I felt a hand snake around my waist from behind, and then travel down over my tummy. I was wearing the Roman toga and just panties underneath. I had no idea who was touching me, but the cheek of him! He pulled my toga up by gathering the material with his fingers and just slipped his hand into my panties. I must admit, it has been a while so I let him. I leaned back and let my legs part just enough and he found my sweet spot in a second. Damn, but that was fucking horny! I reached around. I mean." Let's just say its tucked away in a safe place," said Philippe,extending his hand like it was a trick. "We may not even need to do thisin some dresses, but for a few options it would be absolutely necessary.Now let's get started, ladies." I can't wait!" sighed Vanessa, sitting back, grabbing her mother's arm,all excited."Her shoe size in women's?" asked Philippe."She's been in an eight and a half, and a nine in sneakers," said Tara,sitting next to them like they were judges."Wonderful,. Her hand now slips a little deeper and the movement is in and out. Her legs have parted and her eyes are half closed. I say to myself, “Yes baby stick your finger in deep. Fuck yourself for me. Make yourself cum.” My hand begins to stroke my cock faster; I feel the head of my cock as my hand slips over it. It is harder than I can ever remember it being. My hand sliding the length of it, in and out it goes. Wishing it was in her pussy, or that it was her hand stroking my cock. My mind has lost.

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