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I talked it over with Dad Monday and he agreed. I handed Mr. Gieseke the letter signed by both my parents.“Due to Jacob’s other interests and comm...tments, he will not continue with Math in his junior year. We have gone over his proposed class schedule and agree with it,” Gieseke read. “You really came prepared, huh? I don’t want to make this difficult. We want you in Calculus. I see that you have fifth period orchestra scheduled. We have a fifth period Calculus class and you have to audition. The great thing about this top was that It left a bit of my stomach bare (I wore the skirt as a high-waisted skirt, which meant it was even closer to revealing my pussy and ass) and had a sizeable hole cut out of the middle. I was rocking some serious cleavage. Plus, my hard nipples were very evident, there was no hiding the fact I was braless under the top. A bit of make-up, my hair in an up-do and some sexy black heels, I was ready to go. We got to the party around 9pm and I started with a. My nervousness shoots up again. An open door and you are with me in the room. You walk around me, I try to sit very still, but I tremble slightly with excitement.Your hands gently brush me, "Stand up slave" whispers the lady, very close to me, in my ear, so that I can feel her breath on my skin. Of course I obey her orders and straighten up. Spread my legs again and this time cross my hands behind my back.Again I don't feel anything from you, just hear how you whisper softly behind me and then. The she wants to watch me fuck and cum in him while she masturbates her pussy. Then she wants me to fuck her. She has never seen two guys have sex with each other. I agreed to this. He arrived in full CD attire, my wife and I were only wearing robes. We went to the master bedroom and my wife and I took our robes off. I turned to him and started feeling up his skirt, he had no panties on, only the garter belt and stockings. We started kissing and I got his top off. I pushed him to his knees and.

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