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“What’s starting?” he asked.“Well, my children, I would guess that Samantha’s labor has begun. That means her baby’s going to come, probab...y today,” I said.“Oh. I knew that. I thought it was something else. Mama Sam is going to be surprised,” Xan said as if everyone should have known.“I think she knows she’s going to have a baby, honey,” I laughed. “Is Mommy on her way? I can’t leave the bakery yet.”“Mommy said she’ll be here soon and Mama Cass is coming, too.”“And nobody’s gettin’ fat except. I held my breath as I backed out of the driveway.Nobody seemed to stare at me as I drove down the road. When I got to the parking lot, of course, it was brightly lit with lots of people walking back and forth to and from their cars.As soon as I found a parking spot, I let out my breath.So far, so good.I heard Wendy and Jim whispering in the back, but was so concerned that people would see me, I didn't really hear them."Put on the dome light," Jim ordered."Huh?" You heard him," Wendy said.I. If she wanted him to eat her ass while I plowed her ... or Tamara, Jordan had to comply. If she opted to dress him as a French maid and have him do all household chores, he would have no recourse against her whims.“I might make him wash the bedsheets after long nights of hot, sweaty sex, cleaning up all of those bodily fluids that we left behind. Or maybe make him sleep on the wet spot after you pound us. All three of us, that is. I still want to watch you bugger him whenever it suits you, too.. I pulled my mom up too. We both didn’t say anything to each other and remained quiet. But I was already horny. I slowly slipped my hand and placed my hand around her soft waist and pulled her close to me.Mom: Varun, leave my waist.Varun: Mom, you will be my girlfriend for the rest of the trip.Mom: But, how can I? I am your MOM!I got a bit irritated and in a snap, I tore her white top and pulled it away. She was only in her two-piece bikini now and her body was on full display. Everyone now.

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