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I had on coveralls and she had on a bright red robe. She pulled me in the closet fast as she was very hyper. We were naked in minutes as we never stop...ed kissing and feeling our bodies. I went down to lick her pussy to start. She was already moaning and humping my face with her wet pussy. I felt her sweet tits as she felt my body. I stood up as she went down to suck on my hardon. I pushed her on her back and kissed her long legs. I slowly crawled on top of her. She tried to talk but was panting. It was a somewhat chilly night and a slight shiver went down my spine as I took off the Prada shoes my mother had given me for my eighteenth birthday along with the rest of my clothes. Standing there, I closely observed my body. Mine was a thin but attractive figure with medium sized boobs and hot ass as guys so commonly put it. As for my pussy, I always shaved it and left only a little hair above the clit. I stepped into the hot tub and relaxed as the warm water surrounded me. Letting my. It begins some two years ago as I act as narrate my experience. As far as I recall I don’t remember most of journey from my friend house to time I saw girl I was going to fuck, my first recall of her was slightly unrealistic, I saw her asking for lift (till now I joke my karma would be very good that i found myself that situation). I calmly halted my Activa. I can tell she was wearing pink top and blue jeans (in matter of fact this may not be associated with story but now I own both her top and. He turned around, pointed at me and said something to his companions. Wait. This didn’t look good. I wanted to get to know the local culture, but maybe not THAT raw and unfiltered.He pointed at me again and crooked his finger. I don’t know whether it was his natural authority or the weapon he was carrying, but I stood up like a puppet. He pointed at the fragile net and tubing contraption that served as an overhead bin. I understood and grabbed my backpack.I felt slightly worried, but still.

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