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"By putting it in the pen with Candace," I said.Even that wasn't as easy as it should have been. The biggest donkey had been taught to lead and had ev...n been ridden by a couple of the younger boys in camp. That didn't mean he was thinking straight today though. I ended up having to rope him before we could get him to cooperate. He changed his tune though when he finally realized he was going to be put into the pen with her.Of course he had to be roped again a little later, because Candace. Jane said “Well, sleepy head gets up.” Jaime came to me and gave me a peck and said good morning to me. I sat and ate nervously, but Jane was way cool. She shot me a few knowing glances but other than that no clue whatsoever. We never had more than a couple minutes alone the rest of the weekend and on Sunday we returned to school. Jane managed to get my cell number and told me she’d call and make some private arrangements. Monday at about 1:30 my phone rang. “Hi, it’s me Randy. Are you alone?. ------I felt a cold chill go down my spine and I shuttered. What had justhappened? I felt a little light headed but surprisingly I also feltgreat! My head wasn't pounding anymore either, like I didn't even havealcohol in my system at all. I reached my hand up and rubbed my eyes andhead for a second. I had to brush my hair out of my face."WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?" I heard Hailey scream."Hailey!! When did you start talking like that?" I shouted. Except itdidn't seem to come out right. I. A sudden thud from the court snapped Michael out of his daydream, and he saw one of the other girls down on the floor. A quick glance at his roster sheet told him it was Desiree Bonner, the starting forward. As he went to work with his camera, he was relieved to see that her injuries didn’t look too serious. Soon, she was being tended to by one of the trainers.“There she is,” Michael breathed.Michael still had no idea who she was, but the student trainer that worked with the women’s.

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