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" Those were the best years. I was on a sexual high for the first three years. Everything was new and exciting. After a while, that shit gets old. It ...ever got boring, but it did get old." You once told me he made you wear a dog collar everywhere." Yes, for the first three years. Remember, it had the inscription, 'Bitch Whore' engraved on a brass plate. Wear something like that to the Piggly Wiggly and see if your cunt doesn't wake up." I can't even imagine how you got away with that. Didn't. There was a large puddle of cum on the floor made by Jorge and the juice that had leaked from his ass. Jorge could feel his gape trying to close back as tight as needed as he took deep breaths to be sober. The man was trying still to finger his ass but Jorge pulled away from the delicious torture of his very tender asshole and started to dress up and be ready to leave but the man beat him in a hurry, took his popper bottle and left him sitting on the bench alone with millions of different. He had paperwork on those promoted for me to sign and for Jeremy Lister to take to Finance at Fort Henry so they would be paid at their new rank.Thomas Young had also been at the dinner last evening, and I found him with Ken and Kell in the den."Your organization seems a little heavy with Officers," he remarked after greeting me."A not unusual occurrence in Headquarters units," I remarked."But your Brothers have told me that you currently only have four platoons of Continentals and five. Bill clears his throat to let them know he’s there. “Ready when you are,” he says. They continue for a minute more before Sandy stands, releases Wee Dave and begins to undress.“Hold it for a moment Sandy – I want some photos of you undressing”, Bill says and darts into the bedroom for a camera.“I’ll go inside and wait until you’re ready,” Dave says with a smile of anticipation.Bill returns with the camera and says “Slow and sensuous now, Sandy, and freeze when I say.”Sandy takes the hem of her.

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