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One guy was tall, dark, bulky and looked around 30. One guy looked around 20, he was short, fair, very skinny but had a decent face. Another guy who l...oked around 30 and like a miniature version of the 30 year old guy. For privacy sake I’m gonna call them Ram, Dev and ArmanMy driver introduced me to them and all of them gave me appraising looks. “Hello ma’am, so what are you occupied with currently?” Ram asked. “I’m in school” I answered. “Which class?” He asked, “12th” I answered. “Nice. So. "Are you man enough to fuck me again?" I taunted.He laughed at my question pointing to his pole of a cock. Placing my right gloved hand on his shaft, I began to glide his foreskin back and forth over his swollen purple glans. This was turning out to be the most impressive specimen of manhood I'd had the pleasure of sliding over and this fucker knew how to use it! The cock was not only large with a very wide girth, but the veins were prominent and pulsating as the hard phallus pointed directly. When he moved his head up his face was wet and he was smiling, he loved for me to squirt him in the face no matter how much of it covered him. I rose off the table, as he stood in front of me, I dropped to my knees in front of his cock that was bulging through his black tight jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants reaching in I found his big hard cock I pulled it free and jerked his jeans down around his knees. My tongue found the head of his cock soft and warm as I wrapped my lips around. She dragged lungfuls of oxygen into her lungs as she felt Fiona licking the cum from the tops of her thighs with her tongue. She lifted her head and watched as Fiona reached down and pulled her short black denim skirt up and tugged her own knickers down. Then she crawled up over Charlotte’s prone body and straddled her, lowering her pussy down onto Charlotte’s face.Charlotte stared at the thick black luscious curls. She inhaled their scent and thrust out her tongue in anticipation of the taste..

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