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I was like, “I got a day off, have nothing to do the entire day and my roomies went to the office”. I suggested to her that we can watch movies on...the laptop. She was reluctant to come at first but agreed later.It was around 11 am in the morning.She : So which movie are we going to watch?Me: ‘Wolf of wall street’.She laughed again and said jokingly, “your situation is like a lot of money kept on the table but with a glass placed above it. You are trying to open the door by all means but that’s. Let me startr . I am 29 , mera naam kalpesh….. Hai, mai ahmedabad mein rehta hoon.or ek private company mein hoon,. Meri yeh kahani kuch 3 month purani hai.mea ek dost hai, wo mere ghar per aaya or bola, are yaar aapne cable wale her fridey ko blue film dikhate hai, or aaj friday he, to tu mere ghar aayega to sath me dekhenge to bahuj maja aayega, me maan gaya or gher walo se kaha ki me aaj picture dekhne ja raha hu, to night ko der se was aaunga, me us ke sath us ke gher gaya, use gher me uska. It pleased me that he didn’t know I had my son back. If he had known that I loved the child, he would have kept him just to keep me in line as he did to my mother. My fate would have been similar to hers. Selling me was his next big mistake.I looked at my beloved Greta. She smiled back at me. She was delighted by Vaughn’s praise of me even though I don’t believe I deserved it. Many of the things he attributed to me I could attribute to others like the androids.I must do something really nice. Maine uss ko deewaar ke saath kardiya aur hum ek doosre ko kiss kar rahe the. Phir maine uss ko bed par phenka aur uss ke oopar let gaya.Woh mujhe abhi bhi zor zor se kiss karrahi thi. Main rukka aur maine apni salwaar kameez dono utaar di. Main apne underwear mein tha aur phir main usske kareeb gaya aur uski bhi shirt utaar di. Aaj ussne bra nahi pehni hui thi aur usske boobs bilkul mere saamne the.Usske jism se paseenay ki smell aarahi thi aur main yeh soong kar pagal ho raha tha. Maine uss.

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