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The wedding, which could come any time after that, was like a drunken celebration combined with a business meeting. Gifts were exchanged, including th... bride’s dowry that her family paid the groom to take her off their hands. So I have no scruples about making love, because we’ve committed ourselves to each other in the presence of a witness. Now that’s settled. I went to see the doctor and got started on the pill, so that answers your other question before you even ask it. Now, remember that. I was trying to figure a way to sound out her feelings towards me, when she took charge.“My family is coming in two weeks, so we need to air out the bedrooms. I never told them we broke up, in fact, I told them our feelings were getting stronger. It wasn’t a lie, at least on my part. When they get here, my things will be in OUR bedroom, and they won’t just be window dressing. I’m moving in, tonight, into a full blown relationship with you. I’ve loved you forever, and I can’t take it anymore.. So we got into my boat and immediately went to the bed room, that i always keep up (for this sort of occasion) and I undressed to naked, opened my girl drawer and let him choose what he wanted to see me in. It was black lacy lingerie, he loves most.When i was dressing up, he took pics, also wanted me to model, which i did. Then he asked if it's ok to film me. I was too drunk to mention any face mask so we filmed both of us fully recognizable -me with make-up a little less- he opened me up. All three were naked, with Baltoh’s lips bound to Selene’s as their tongues danced around each other. While they made out, Molly kissed his chest and stroked his erection. After half a minute, Selene and Molly switched roles, with Baltoh kissing Molly and Selene stroking his dick. A soft tap on the door soon interrupted the swirling of their lips. “What the fuck? Who could that be?” Molly swore, angry at her lips being pulled from Baltoh’s. Selene just had a coy smile.The hybrid merely smiled.

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