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..Present – Ben – On the way to the cabinHell, after being out of this altitude for what seems like several lifetimes, I am amazed I can still run...up here. But it's taking a hell of a toll on me as I am sucking wind like crazy and can barely keep up an easy pace. My hands are shaking so badly if I had to fire a weapon I would surely miss. What a lousy admission for a sniper to have to make!I look over at Destiny and I'm shocked because she doesn't seem to be having any problems. I bitch like. I walked around the desk and sucked in a breath when I realized she was naked from the waist down. I prepared to kneel and do my duty to clear my name but froze when she again raised a hand."I want to see what I'm getting into. Or rather," she laughed, "what will be getting into me." She ran her fingers over the bulge in my slacks. I had been erect all morning, thinking about what might be and as she grasped my shaft through the thin linen I hunched my hips, fucking her hand with my cock.Her. He wrapped his hand around his cock through the boxers, and slid it just outside his jeans. his big hand didnt cover the length of it, and he had big hands!i mumbled something about it (can't remember - nervous!) and he walked into a cubicle. he didnt say a thing, but there was an understanding that i'd follow :). he was sitting on the toilet, seat down obviously! his jeans were already down around his ankles. there was a little stain on the front of his grey boxers so i knew he was keen! i got. It is a set of straps thatare attached to a garter belt. It is heavy leatherthough not lace. One part straps to my head and theother goes around her hips. There are buckles andcinches so that she can strap my head into place forthe next 36 hours. That is how long I will serve her asher pad this week. She may or may not free me it is up to her. One timeshe kept me strapped to her for 2 days. All I had toeat or drink was from her body. I go down and crawlinto the living room. I stop and look on.

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