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I tensed up my figure again because of that, so she essentially pissed me off by making me like the sex."You need to lick both of your mom's nipples, ...oung lady." Shut up, Mom," I griped, before switching."Oh, I love you, Britney. I'd say I forgive you now, but I wouldn't want you bailing on me now." I won't ditch you, Mom; you're a bitch for blackmailing me, but still, I love you too." Kiss me again."I calmly leaned to her yet again and kissed her."If you want to have sex with him again, you. Your clit starts to throb from the pressure and you know you are going to cum soon. You tell me to beg for it and I can’t control myself. I start begging you to fuck my ass, to fuck me hard and fast until you cum. This pushes you over the edge and you bury the dildo in me pushing the base hard into you clit. You moan loudly, grabbing my ass to steady yourself. You collapse falling to the mattress, the dildo pulling out of my ass with a pop. I stay in position refusing to move without your. They made a good lunch, so we all went out to the nearest park and had ourselves a little picnick. I, myself, loved the lunch since it had been the first thing i had ate all day. I wanted more so i ate more......they were astonished at how much i had ate and they questioned me about it and i told them that i felt like i had been starving since that morning. When we got back to the house i saw that her neighbors had been robbed so i went and seen if their was anything i could do for them. I had. I was half on my side half on my back and noticed I was semi hard and only had a sheet over me so must have been summer time. I’m pretty big down there 8” long and about 3” across. She had a good view of the outline of my cock. I was watching her through my half open eyes and she thought I was still asleep. She was standing there looking directly at my cock and she made hey way into my room, I almost stopped her but never. She sat on the edge of the bed just looking over the sheet and then.

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