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Quite the opposite. It wasn’t what I expected. I was so turned on. Not out of control exactly but nearly. I scared myself, I guess. And afterwards �...� well, I just felt awful.”“It sound like you did exactly the right thing, then. Sometimes I think that tops need a safe word too.”“I didn’t mean to upset Lionel, it really wasn’t his fault. It was just that I was rougher than I ever thought I could be. And, well,...”“And...”“Well, I made use of him. Grabbed him and just, well, used his face. He must. " Sounds good to me," I followed her upstairs to the bedrooms and she pointed the way and told me I could change in his room. I thanked her and then found a bathing suit that I liked. After dressing I noticed a baggy of pills on the shelf in the closet. I opened the bag and was pleased to see that they were ecstasy pills and from the design on the face of the pill a rather potent one. A twisted plan began forming in my head. I tried to rationalize, but my tipsy mind was already thinking. He began touching my clit again with one hand, gently massaging it as his thrusts became faster and deeper. His other hand found my little breast and began fingering my nipple. I realised he had most of his cock inside me, big and hard. His breath grew heavier, and his touching of my clit and breast became rougher, but in a good way. I felt like his penis was filling my little body, every time it pushed in I let out a gasp as his pumping in and out of my pussy got faster.He leaned more of his. . I don't like this at all..."Kathy and Matt were being stunned by the floor color of the next landing. After 12 days of uniform light grey walls and floors, the floor at the next landing was pitch black, a black so deep their eyes couldn't even focus on it."We need some way to test it, before stepping on it," said Matt."Agreed. My gut is telling me not to step on it at all. I suppose we can try to throw something down on it..." Kathy got her change purse from Matt, took a nickel from it and.

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