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Sam shook his head and said, “You are far too trusting, my friend.” I asked, “Oh, were you going to steal it from me?”I continued, “I trust ...ou, Sam. Besides, I made more money last night than that car cost me. Regardless, I’m confident you are far too honest to steal from anyone. I remember your rules. If you wouldn’t take a million dollars, why would you take the car?”Sam said, “Well, you’re not wrong, but you are still too trusting.”I said, “I disagree, I think that I’m just pretty good at. Again started kissing for a few mins. Boys remember to keep kissing frequently.After that I went to her armpits. They were clean and had a beautiful aroma. I started licking them.Then my one hand started to explore her panty region. I slowly slid my hands inside her panty and felt her pussy. Completely hairless and the aroma of it was something different that you don’t even find it in flowers.Then I removed her panty and started kissing her legs and went from her feet to her thighs.Then started. You thrust your pussy against his hand and mouth, twisting and turning in your bonds, skin flushed, breast heaving as the orgasm explodes thru your body. You can feel your juices on his hand and face as he continues to finger you and lick your pussy as your orgasm subsides. Then the weight leaves the bed. You soon realize he is gone and you are all alone, but still bound, gagged and blindfolded. Completely exhausted, you drift off to sleep while wondering how you are going to escape your. While I was leaving from my friend’s dressing room I saw the bride along with her friends entering her room. Neeta was looking damn gorgeous in traditional saree with bangles, ornaments and all. I was waiting in the lobby. And after five minutes all her friends left the room.She was alone in her dressing room. I had a lust for her since the time I saw her in the morning. I took chance and went to her room. The room was not locked. I acted as if I am entering my friend’s room by calling his name.

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