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I took hold of Emily’s hips and held her still as I lapped at her pussy like a dog, the sounds emanating from her body started to get louder and lou...er the harder and faster I forced my tongue against her pussy. Emily let a cry of disappointment out as I got to my feet and picked her up off the huge shaft. The large dildo slipped from her pussy with wet sucking sound. I set her down on the carpet, her legs were trembling and unstable as I stood up and let go of her waist.I ran my hand. She filmed him while he sucked my feet and fucked me. I could feel his cock twitching inside of me.“You’re going to cum, sir!”He tightened his grip around my ankles.“Please don’t cum inside me, sir!”Mom moved behind him.“YYEESSS!!! Little sissy cunt is getting my cum inside of her tight little pussy hole!”Mom just stood there pointing the camera at me like nothing happened. I felt something warm deep in my ass. He’d cum inside me with great force, and let out this big grunt of a sound. The same. Pushing the elastic hem of his sweatpants to just below his knee, Billrepeated the experiment for a third time. On this occasion, Bill allowedthe sensual mesh of the nylon material to climb all the way up to mid-calf level before he reached down and lifted the opera pump clear of hisfoot. Not only did the transition from nylon hosiery back to wool socktake longer than it had before, but Bill thought that upon removing thespiked heel that his foot looked considerably more like a woman's footthan. She put her equally blue Saint Laurent heels. She even selected carefully her most exquisite set of underwear (a refined white lace ensemble) and white stockings that she kept with a suspender belt. On second thought, she put also a couple of gold rings and a gold anklet. It was a little too much, but she wanted to look totally sexy, and totally rich. She grabbed her expensive purse and sunglasses and marched to her Audi.Part 2She quickly arrived at the warehouse where she met Mark and Nadine.

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