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’ I answered, my mind a million miles away from this conversation, as I was acutely aware of Henry, knowing he was close to me. Joel nodded, and gl...nced around to the middle of the floor, where several couples were dancing. He held out a hand, and gestured with his head. ‘Dance with me?’ he asked. I considered for a second, reasoning that I came here to have fun, so I might as well dance with him and try to forget about the unfortunate incident of the previous night. ‘Okay,’ I smiled at him,. He feels so good inside me even though I can't take it all. I can tell he still likes it though because he's starting to move his hips in rhythm with me. That dull ache when he hits the back wall is starting to feel good too. I'm on my knees at this point but transition to my feet so that I can ride faster and position my G spot a little better. I can tell though that he wants his entire cock inside me because he grabs my hips and starts fucking me more forcefully. There are still about two. ”I don’t know if the light hit my contacts just right, or what, but there wasn’t anyone around us that missed her fat nipples making bumps in her tight shirt. It was obvious that she was braless. As I was helping her sit up, she suddenly went limp for a second or two.Hmm. Where did that dark wet spot in her shorts come from? It doesn’t smell like pee. I wonder... Not even wanting to give any signs of me possibly touching her inappropriately I stood up before leaning down to offer her my arm to. "Do you want this, sissy? Do you want to be fucked by my cock? Do youwant a man to fuck your ass, Regina?" She knew by now that she'd have tobeg."Please, Shelly, fuck my ass. Fuck me hard. I need your cock inside me,oh please...fill me with your cock, fuck me, please..." I was too hornyto tease her for long as I rubbed myself up and down her crack. I couldjust finish here I thought but it would be so much better inside. Ishoved in quickly, her ass lubed and stretched from the dildo, and heldher.

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