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She had a date with her new beau, Brad. She had met him through a girlfriend who works in the same office, but a different department. She had introdu...ed Brad to Annie a couple of months after her 23rd birthday, and they had been dating for about three months now. Brad was a five years older than her, and while Annie had led a pretty quiet dating life, Brad was more outgoing and social. He was everything Annie had wanted in a man at the time, successful, handsome, great in bed and open to just. So high in fact, that I figured this time I should pull it down even at the risk of waking her up. And then I noticed two things almost at once. Her pussy was in plain view - her panties were gone, and I noticed part of a nipple showing over the top of her dress. Something was wrong here. I remembered the guys who had looked away when I looked in their direction. I closed the door behind me and moved to the closet. Getting inside I positioned myself so that I could see Ginny through the. "Of course." I picked through to find the freshest then asked, "Justtwisted or crumbled up?" Oh which ever will give it the best kick." She smiled and I twisted itbefore breaking it into much smaller pieces to fall into her coffee."Thank you Dear, you should go wash your fingers before you get thatjuice someplace where it might hurt." Thank you Ma'am." I gave her a little curtsey. And backed away beforehurrying to the restroom to wash my hands.When their orders came up I carried the tray to the. From our conversations over the emails Kim had an idea that I was not those one night stand types and that was the reason it took some effort to convince her. We decided to make a move and left the bar. Since I had few beers and was not going to drive back home immediately. We walked around that area for a while. After walking and chatting for few minutes, Kim agreed to my suggestion of sitting in my car and chatting. I sat on the drivers seat and Kim sat on passenger seat in front. As soon as.

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