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"I showered quickly then began teasing the faces of the ladies with the rose petals. I laid them on their noses and over their eyes. I even slipped on... between Mercy's lips and tucked some down in Sue's wonderful cleavage.Since they were not waking up, I went out to the kitchen and started some coffee. It was just getting done when Glenda came into the patio wearing a bright red silky gown."Good morning, Glenda, you're pretty fancy this morning, happy Valentine's Day."Glenda gave me my morning. When my wife, Sarah, was alive, we had us a good life together. I mean -- all of it. The sex, too -- you know?"Well, I didn't know what to say to that, so I didn't say nothing at all. But I tried not to look shocked or disgusted, or anything like that. I figured old Bill was gonna be asking me for sex, and he was scared to take the plunge and to come right out with it."It's like I told you, Jenny, before. I can't hardly even get it up, no more, now. And I don't mess with them pills they got. I. I was soon to find out. The guy running the game says 'I assume you all know what happens next?' with that everyone looked at me!! looking puzzled, I said I had no idea, please tell me.The explanation was simple, I did not play in the next part of the game, but whoever was the next to get naked, I was expected to kiss and grope and do whatever we wished. This would apply even if the next person was a girl.Now I was getting really excited, as there were some pretty fit guys there and the girls. "I know the boss can, I don't know when he'll be back. But I might havesomething that can help, if you want." He reached under the counter andpulled out a small bracelet. Instinctively I recoiled - it was a daintylittle thing, with a silver butterfly prominently crafted at the center,concealing the clasp."This should help with the sudden shifts," he said. "I don't know ifyou're over the worst or whatever, but-" Just give it to me already," I said, angry. "'Over the worst'? I don't-"I checked my.

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