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She was sucking me and then i felt her slowly finger my ass. “Mmmmmh! That’s nice”. One finger became 2 and the next thing i know i shot a loa... into her mouth and she swallowed. As i went to get dressed she stopped me. “What do you think you’re doing, i haven’t had my fun yet”I was soon on all fours and blindfolded and the next thing my hands and ankles were cuffed and I began to panic. She laughed and told me not to worry and I felt coldness on my ass and then her 2 fingers pressed inside. And then he cum and to be honest he cum a lot. My mouth was full with his cum i was drinking it but he was cumming and cumming. Ahhhhhhhhh good good drink it all it’s good for you and i obeyed. Then he removed his all clothes and we both come in bed. I tease him you said you can fuck for hours but it was a five minutes show” ab so mat jana atleast ek bar to chod he dena”. He said he was thinking about me since last night and ‘uska land tub se khada tha’ that’s why he cum so fast. And he said. ." I hesitate a moment. "Now, slut!." She hands them to me. "Second rule. No hesitation" I follow behind quickly almost tripping and stumbling in the "new shoes", as I now end up stopping in a small room with a chair in the middle. "Have a seat, slut. You are getting your piercings. You gotta have both ears, your tongue, nipples, belly, and cock done. Just be a man. I know you can handle it. You'll grow accustomed to it, in no time." I winced and grimaced, but when it was over, I was told that. Completely hairless but with thick full ball sacks and giant thick apple sized heads. Both Lynette and Fanny’s eyes bulged from their sockets. Meanwhile at the restroom, after a short wait in a line of about 3 other people, Tom and Janelle stepped into the grungy rest stop bathroom. With only one toilet Tom insisted Janelle go first. “Ladies first pumpkin” Janelle rolls her eyes at Tom and said, “ummm ok....you can go outside now daddy since you can see no one is in here” Tom, quick on his.

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