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Lacy was happy, I was happy, what else was there?When we got back to the MacMillan house, the street and the drive way was clogged with cars. Eddie ha... to park his car on his lawn. He led us to the back yard and all the guys were there, Clyde, Marcus, Jesus, Chuck and of course my best man Eddie, plus a whole lot of other friends that I hadn’t seen since high school. It was almost like a reunion. Hell it was a reunion and it was great.Markus came up to me. “Congrats man, sorry we couldn’t make. She shuddered as its smooth length passed over her breasts, hardening her nipples and sending a fresh rush of warmth and liquid to where her hand slowly fidgeted beneath the serpentine mass. When it was close enough to her face, she reached out her tongue to lick it, feel the smooth, phallic muscles ripple beneath her tongue. She continued to run her tongue along it and gently wiggle just the one finger beneath the folds of scales and bone. She thought she ought to stay stiller, so as not to. I have needs. You have needs. Everybody has needs. So, what’s wrong in that?”, asked Geeta. Anjali’s look of disbelief started to fade away. Geeta made sense. Even she couldn’t remember when was the last time she had sex. But still, Anjali wasn’t completely convinced by the idea of having sex with another man, let alone with a guy half of her age.“How can I be fucked by a boy of my son’s age?”, she thought to herself. But the words of Geeta ‘I have needs. You have needs. Everybody has needs’. " So we do." Chris craned his head over Rita's shoulder. "Say, she's kind of cute." Rita made a sharp movement with her arm and Chris gave an "Ouufff" as her elbow jammed into his stomach. "I just meant it as a general comment Sam, give me a break." Deputy Pat Morrison," read Rita. She turned the page. "Well, well, who do we have here? Sergeant Michael Gibson. Speaking of cute..." Well, not bad if you like your guys tall and muscled and dark," replied Chris, for lack of anything better to.

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