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" Training me? I don't fully understand what he means by that but, as he slowly moves his pelvis, sliding his hard cock in and out of me in long dele...table strokes, I forget about it. He feels so good filling me. He fits me perfectly, like a key in a lock. I bite my lip to keep from making noise. His hands move to unbutton my shirt, revealing my creamy skin. "Beautiful," he groans, leaning in, biting my erect nipple through the lace of my bra and then tugging down the cups to expose my. He did just that, gently. It hurt a little until he put it all of the way in, and let my anus (I guess I should now call it my vagina) adjust. When he started to move, I began to lose my mind. I spent much of that time fading in and out of lustful bliss. I heard him tell me that he was about to come, and I told him, loudly, to fill me with his sperm, to impregnate me. “Don't you dare pull out, keep pounding my pussy until my belly is overflowing with your come.”, I heard myself say. He obliged,. Due to the influence of beer Avni needed to go to washroom frequently. So this time she asked me to accompany her till washroom. While entering she said she needs another quicky as the place was stinking. I promised her to have session whole night till her wish.But we smooched for 5 minutes and I kept on pressing her boobs while returning to the campfire. As the time was almost 11:30, we went towards our tent and said goodbye and enjoy the night. As we entered Avni started kissing vigorously.. The tired nature of the group created a much more sedate environment than one might have expected, but the cool water of the pool and the talk woke most of us up.“Charlie, Marian has asked if I needed to work and finish school both. I can’t let my Auntie down, and although there are many people that would kill for my job, I don’t have the resources. Marian said I did now, and that you and I, we, need to talk. You, Marian, Danni, and I. Linda should be here, as well, I think, and the others if.

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