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And he told me to find a nice girl for marriage and not Diya. I was still supporting Diya as circumstances made her do it that day and she didn’t on purpose.So the following day, as per the plan, I invited her to my home. She didn’t agree at first finally I told her my friends were out of town and then she agreed. She came wearing a navy blue jean and black V neck t-shirt. Her cleavage was visible. I wanted to eat her there itself but as per the plan, I didn’t want to tempt her. So I told. ... And inthe meantime darling we can .... well darling there are other ways.... and I know you want to ...." He held David's hands, smiling at him, his eyes aglow with ....desire .... enthusiasm."I am not gay or anything like that Sophie dear, but we could useyour other pussy couldn't we? For the time being? Everyone saysthat you are trained to do so ...." Everyone? Trained? Simon who is everyone .... who has been tellingyou .... talking about me ...." David felt sick, deathly coldinside. Too. She does not.When she is 20 feet away she stops and looks at me. Something drops out of her hand but it is small and I ignore it. I see and smell fear. But there is something else. Arousal. The deep musky scent of sex radiates from her. Her nipples standing out from her breast. Hard and pink. I watch as she turns around and kneels down. Going to her hands and knees first and then laying her face down on the ground. Arms going behind her back as she grasps her own wrists.I feel myself slipping. “Wow, that's nice. When I first met you, I just thought of you as Callie's mom, I didn't even know your name the first few months I knew you, but obviously that didn't last forever. Besides your daughter, you are the sweetest woman I ever met in my life, and you listen to me as well. The bond between us is very strong, maybe that's due to my dad and your daughter, but either way, I wanna say yes too, because I love you too, nothing will ever change that,” Jeanette replied.Then they were.

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